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OZ is a magic land located somewhere beyond the seven continents of Earth, but still on Earth. It is filled with strange peoples and creatures. Ruled by the Princess Ozma, the land is divided into four sub-countries, Gillikin in the North, Munchkin in the East, Quadling in the South, and Winkie in the West. These countries are lead typically by the Witches, female spellcasters who govern and protect their lands, and are the most powerful magic users in Oz. Each country runs independently of each other mostly, but all still obey the laws of Ozma in the Emerald City, the capital, located in the center of the country.

Each of these four Quadrants and the Emerald City are home to a number of extra-ordinary characters. Following each description of the nations of Oz, you will meet several of them.

Gillikin, the North country

Gillikin is the Northern section of Oz. It is a deep purple in color, everything from the flowers and grass to the people's clothing holds some shade of purple to it. The North is sparsely populated, with a few small towns in between large mountainous regions. Most of the time, Gillikin and it's people, the Gilikins, stay far from the affairs of the other regions.

Important residents of Gillikin:

OLD MOMBI, THE WICKED WITCH OF THE NORTH: Old Mombi is the last of five evil sister witches who attempted to conquer Oz long ago. Her own control over Gillikin faded long ago. Mombi outlived her sisters by being seemingly less powerful than the others; her specialty was illusions, with only a few spells with real effect to them. Mombi always schemes to get more power in some way or another; she helped the movement that removed the Royal Family from the Emerald City, keeping the young Ozma as her serving boy, Tip, and has allied with the Nome King several times in his attempts to take over Oz. Mombi was tried for her crimes at one point, and stripped of her magic, but she never stopped trying to get even with Ozma and the Good Witches.

TATTYPOO, THE GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Tattypoo is the oldest Good Witch, protecting Gillikin in it's hours of need. Most of the time, however, she is content to let the younger generation handle their problems most of the time. After all, she trained them in becoming Good Witches. It was she who welcomed young Dorothy Gale to Oz on her first trip, and protected the little girl with a kiss, shielding her from dark forces and guiding her to her loyal companions.

JACK PUMPKINHEAD: Jack was a doll made by Tip to scare Mombi, brought to life by Mombi's stole Powder of Life. Being made of sticks with a large, hollow pumpkin for a head, Jack is not the most intelligent person in Oz; even after Tip was revealed to be Ozma, Jack still refers to her as "Dad". He lives on a small pumpkin farm north of the Emerald City, where he grows new heads to replace his rotten ones.

THE SAWHORSE: The Sawhorse was also created by Tip, as a way to escape Mombi's house forever. A wooden horse with gold shoes, once brought to life by Powder of Life, the Sawhorse is the fastest animal in Oz, able even to run on water. In gratitude for rescuing her from Mombi, Ozma made the Sawhorse her official carriage-puller.

Munchkin, the East country

Munchkin lies to the East of the Emerald City. It is a very blue land, with blue grass, blue trees, blue roofs, and blue clothes. It is a dangerous country to get lost in, with a fearsome forest filled with dangerous animals, and the Fighting Trees, trees that attack any who get too close. Munchkin is one of the most important places in Oz, historically speaking; it is the place where Dorothy first came to Oz, and home to several very important residents.

Important residents of Munchkin:

THE SCARECROW: The Scarecrow is the King of Munchkin, one of the wisest men in Oz. He was Dorothy's first travelling companion, a scarecrow who decided to go and look for a brain one day. He believed he was not very smart without one, but he came up with several strategies that helped him and his friends on the way. The Wizard gave the Scarecrow a brain made of oats and needles, a "bran new brain to show how sharp he is". Scarecrow ruled the Emerald City in the interim between the Wizard's departure and the restoration of Ozma to the throne. After that, he became the king of Munchkin, and his great wisdom protected the country with no Witches to protect it. Although he has many responsibilities as guardian of the Munchkins, he will not hesitate to join his friends on an adventure.

NESSAROSE, THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: Nessarose, the wicked ruler of Munchkin, was a religious fanatic. Born without arms and unable to stand, Nessarose was given the Ruby Slippers, which allowed her to stand. Convinced it was a sign from a god, Nessarose formed a cult of personality around herself, proclaiming herself a miracle, and gaining the adoration of many sympathetic Ozians. It soon came to her head, and she moved her cult to Munchkin, and enforced it as a state religion. She purged the country of it's feuding Witches, and became the new Wicked Witch of the East. Her reign of terror over the Munchkins ended abruptly when Dorothy's house landed on her.

PROFESSOR PIPT: Pipt is an inventor living in the foothills. He invented the Powder of Life to create help for his wife around their cabin. He also built increasingly elaborate wheelchairs for the Wicked Witch, who refused to walk on Munchkin soil. He has the bad luck of losing his inventions constantly.

SCRAPS THE PATCHWORK GIRL: Scraps was built by Pipt to help his wife with the housework, but his assistant Ojo accidentally made her a wild, rebellious spirit who ran away and refused to come home. Though insane, Scraps makes friends fast, and will do anything to protect those friends. She now wanders Oz in search of adventures, and has developed a crush on the Scarecrow.

Quadling, the South country

The Southern region, Quadling, is covered in shades of red. There is very little of note about Quadling, except that it is the homeland of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South.

Important resident(s) of Quadling:

GLINDA, THE GOOD WITCH OF THE SOUTH: Glinda is the guardian of most all Oz, even beyond the borders of Quadling. Glinda was born Galinda, and in her youth was very insistent on her name being pronounced correctly. In her school days at Oz's Shiz University, she was an almost stereotypical ditsy blond, but even then she showed a heart of gold that would shine as she grew older. Trained to become the Good Witch of the South, she grew from a rather incompetent mage to one the most powerful and respected in all Oz. Her first priority has always been to protect Oz itself, even if it must be from it's ruler.

Glinda lives in a large, imposing palace in Quadling, where she stores the Great Book of Records, which writes down everything that happens in Oz as it happens. What the book cannot see, her spies usually can find.

Winkie, the West country

Winkie, the Western portion of Oz, is it's most infamous region. Once home to fierce monsters and terrible dark magic, Winkie has since been reformed by the Tin Woodman and it's new Good Witch protector. Winkie and it's residents wear yellow, befitting the slightly cowardly nature of the Winkies themselves.

Important residents of Winkie:

THE TIN WOODMAN, NICK CHOPPER: Nick Chopper was once an ordinary woodman from Munchkin, until one day he was tricked by the Wicked Witch of the East into buying an old ax from her. Nessarose had enchanted the ax to attack it's user, chopping off each of Nick's limbs one by one. Fortunately, Nick had made the acquaintance of Professor Pipt, who made more and more limbs out of tin for Nick to use. Sadly, by the time the enchantment broke, every limb had been replaced, except for his heart. Convinced that he could no longer feel, Nick Chopper wandered into the forest to ruse away. He was repaired by Dorothy and joined her on her quest to see the Wizard, hoping to get a new heart. When the party was on the hunt for the Wicked Witch of the West, Nick would take the brunt of her attacks, slaying her armies of wolves and bees. When they succeeded and Nick was given his new heart, he found he didn't really need it anymore. He traveled by to the West, and the Winkies made him their king as thanks for destroying the Witch's armies. He is still a caring soul, and willing to join his friends whenever he can.

ELPHABA, THE GOOD WITCH OF THE WEST: Very little has been known about Elphaba for many years. What is written here is mostly related by her only known friend, Glinda. The sister of Nessarose, Elphaba was born with green skin as a mark of her mother's infidelity. This mark of shame left her ostracized for many years, up into her attending Shiz at the same time as Glinda. The two witches-in-training were roommates, and to say they were instant friends would be untrue. But even so, they warmed to each other, and now each is the other's closest confidant. Elphaba became interested in protecting the rights of Oz's animal citizens when she witnessed a favorite teacher, an educated goat, slowly lose his ability to speak and revert to his base instincts, with no one else at the University caring about him at all. Filled with youthful idealism, Elphaba hoped to ask the Wizard to help her protect the animals, but was devastated to learn his secret. She threatened to expose him, and in a moment of selfishness, the Wizard claimed she was a Wicked Witch and tried to attack him. As it grew into all sorts of awful rumors, the young Witch's life only got worse from their; attempts to help her friends backfired horribly and she was blamed, Glinda appeared to sell out, and almost all of Oz thought she was evil. Fleeing to the West, Elphaba hid herself in a creepy old castle, and chose to play up her image as a Wicked Witch to the hilt, acting like a cackling madwoman, hurtling powerful dark magic around, and creating a hybrid species of servants.
But even this wouldn't last long. Elphaba was challenged by a truly Wicked Witch, and was soundly defeated, losing even most of her monkeys to Old Momba. She also heard increasingly disheartening news of her sister's descent into madness and eventual death. After that crushing loss, Elphaba opened herself up to her only remaining friend, Glinda. She explained what her intentions had been, why she became a Wicked Witch, and her desire to see Oz free from the Wizard's lies. In secret, the two hatched a plan to restore the Royal Family to the throne. What they didn't count on was the monkeys; they revealed to Ozma the existence of Elphaba, and Glinda decided it was time to tell the true story. Touched by the story, Ozma extended an invitation to the Witch to meet with her, which was cautiously accepted. Ozma declared that Elphaba deserved to be recognized as a Good Witch. Since then, the Good Witch of the West has been an aloof ally of the Emerald City, still preferring to keep to herself. She still keeps the Wicked Witch trappings, feels it balances Glinda's brightness.

OLD MOMBA, THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: Old One-Eyed Momba was Mombi's last surviving sister. She kept Winkie under tight control with her army of evil wolves, crows, and bees, as well as Winkies too terrified to challenge her power. When she caught word of Elphaba moving to the West, Momba attacked her castle, defeating the younger Witch and stealing her winged monkeys with a golden cap that forced them to obey Momba. In contrast with Elphaba's crazed behavior, Momba was always frowning and angry, wanting to destroy that which she could not control. Soon, she too found out the Wizard's secret, and was holding him for ransom, keeping him from leaving Oz. In retaliation, the Wizard sent Dorothy and her companions to destroy Momba. The Tin Woodman and Scarecrow killed her army, and in retaliation, she sent the monkeys to kidnap Dorothy, who was made Momba's slave. As her friends raced to save her, Dorothy accidentally killed the old witch by splashing her with a bucket of water, instantly dissolving the One-Eye.

THE WINGED MONKEYS: One of Elphaba's greatest passions is flight; she was the first Ozian Witch in ages to master it, and many of her non-Wicked spells have to do with flying or levitation. Often she has expressed a desire that flying be something available for any who desire it. As such, she has experimented with ways to make it possible, and one of these results was the winged monkeys. Her first efforts mixed a monkey and a bat together, creating her familiar, Chistery. From there she mixed birds and baboons and created the main race. Momba's golden cap forces the monkeys to obey three commands from it's wearer; they were freed from the cap's control when Dorothy commanded them to return to their original master. Now they serve as Elphaba's messengers, and some even spy for Glinda. Being monkeys, they accept only wages of bananas and peanuts.

The Emerald City

The Emerald City is the capital of Oz. It sits in the center of the country, surrounded by the other four nations. It appears as a glittering green palace until entered, where the "City" name is more apparent. From here, Princess Ozma rules the country, with the help of her advisers.

Important residents of the Emerald City

PRINCESS OZMA: The ruler of Oz. Ozma spent most of her life as Tip, a servant boy of Old Mombi. When Tip and his companions returned home, he discovered his true identity and regained the throne. Because of this experience, Ozma has developed the sense of the common Ozian, something her ancestors tended to lack. With Ozma's return, magic in Oz regained it's full power, and Ozma found that she could alter the state of things in Oz by her royal decrees. Her most know decree that no one in Oz shall grow old and die unless they wish to; Ozma herself has chosen to remain a child for as long as she rules, hoping to avoid mistakes made by her grown-up predecessors. At times she has made questionable decisions, but her advisers usually manage to steer her on the path of being a good ruler.

DOROTHY GALE: A young girl from Kansas, Dorothy was always a wide-eyed dreamer sort of girl, so when a tornado came and transported her to the Land of Oz, she adjusted better than most little girls would. In her first journey, she befriended the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion, killed the Wicked Witches, and ended the Wizard's deceptions forever. She would leave and return several times, eventually moving to Oz permanently, along with her aunt and uncle. She was named a Princess of Oz by Ozma, and now solves matters that Ozma cannot attend to personally.

OSCAR DIGGS, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD: Oscar Zoroaster Diggs is a showman from the Midwestern United States who came to Oz by balloon during a storm. He was hailed as a wizard by the people, and was made the new ruler of the land. He did some very questionable things to keep control of his throne, like building elaborate machines to appear omniscient, selling baby Ozma to Mombi, slandering Elphaba, and sending Dorothy on what seemed to be a suicide mission, and running home as soon as his cover was blown. He later returned to make amends, and Ozma made him apprentice under Glinda to learn real magic. The Wizard is now a staunch ally of Dorothy, and one of Ozma's most trusted advisers.

THE COWARDLY LION AND THE HUNGRY TIGER: Two big cats from the Munchkin forest. The Lion was brought to Oz by the Wizard; being a circus lion, he was unprepared for the wild. He was raised for several years by Elphaba in secret, but she had to return him to the forest when she fled to the West. He was the last companion to join Dorothy, seeking courage. Although even by his admission, the Cowardly Lion is terrified of most everything in Oz, when his friends are in danger, he finds he can be the bravest person in Oz.

The Hungry Tiger, after the Lion left, moved out of the forest himself to be with his friend. Being a tiger, he always sees meals that he imagines are very tasty, but his conscience can never allow him to eat any. Thus he is always hungry. The Hungry Tiger is a firm friend of the Cowardly Lion, and together they guard Princess Ozma.
Just my silly attempt at mixing stuff I like about different Oz canons together in one hopefully cohesive story. Read and enjoy.
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